Better Than a Master of One

Luxury Eviction set to unleash haunting musical commentary
with new record “Master of None.”

Imagine you’ve tripped inside an old abandoned hotel. You pause to admire the decay in the walls around you, taking in all of the building’s ghosts. Take in a breath. You are in the heart of Luxury Eviction. Founded after years of sweat and experimentation in orchestral pits, jazz bands, touring tribute acts, and raucous rock ensembles, Luxury Eviction’s debut album, Master of None, is the antidote to the sterile world of perfectly painted walls, pressed shirts, and auto-tuned safety.


A musical wunderkind and master of 14 instruments including violin, keys, saxophone, and guitar, Blair B. single-handedly creates soundscapes that sweep between raw and vulnerable vocals towards a beacon light of sparkling piano, screaming Hammond organ, and eerie strings. Best known for her powerful vocals in the alternative rock outfit Absinthe Junk and symphonic soundscapes for her graphic novel Star Cross’d Destiny, Luxury Eviction takes the listener to the opposite side of the spectrum with its minimalist soundscape approach featuring often one vocal and limited instrumentation. Blair’s rich voice is a love child combining the gothic purr of Shirley Manson with the ecstatic cries of Emily Haines and the emotional character of Tori Amos. Produced by Noel Webster (Muscle Shoals Sound, Black Keys), “Master of None.” was an experiment in isolating the songwriter to strip away the cacophony of all their previous musical engagements. Recorded using legendary audio equipment from Abbey Road and Capitol Records, minimal editing was conducted to give each song a single performance quality. What surfaces is a raw and emotional musical commentary of the human condition.


“Master of None.” faces the mountainous emotions one encounters throughout life and takes no prisoners.


Release to all platforms Tuesday, January 8th, 2019.


Blair B.

Vocals, Keyboards, Strings, Guitars, Synths

Singer-Songwriter of Luxury Eviction. Queer AF. Polymath. Writer/Artist of Star Cross'd Destiny. Vocalist/Instrumentalist of Absinthe Junk. Scientist of Atmosphere. Rider of motorcycles. Full-time adventurer.

1. Master of None


2. Dragonflies in Hurricanes


3. Altered Cinder


4. On Your Tongue


5. Catching Fire


6. Could Be Worse


7. Soulstar