Master of None – 2019.

A piping hot mess of dark and twisty melodies and musical catastrophes.


Pre-release 23 November 2018.

Full release to all distributors January 2019.


Pre-release available exclusively on:

1. Master of None


2. Dragonflies in Hurricanes


3. Altered Cinder


4. On Your Tongue


5. Catching Fire


6. Could Be Worse


7. Soulstar


What in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is Going On Here!?

Multi-instrumentalist, illustrator, and writer Blair B. takes a departure from her self prescribed norm of complicated, over-saturation, and cacophony to release a naked collection of musical insights. Best known for her powerful vocals in the alternative rock outfit Absinthe Junk and symphonic soundscapes for her graphic novel Star Cross’d Destiny, Luxury Eviction takes the listener to the opposite side of the spectrum with its minimalist soundscape approach featuring often one vocal and limited instrumentation. Recorded using legendary audio equipment from Abbey Road and Capitol Records, minimal editing was conducted to give each song a single performance quality. The result is a raw and vulnerable examination of the human condition.

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